A Secret Weapon
Vital statistics
Start King Mark
End King Mark
Prerequisites The King's Brother
Location Verlon Forest
Rewards 77-84 experience, 3000 gold
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The King's Brother The Mystery of Lyaro Island

Hard times for Darion have come, and there is a need for a fierce weapon. King Mark commands you to head to the Magic Academy in Velon Forest, and retrieve the Chest of Rage.


  • Retrieve a secret weapon from the Magic Academy in Verlon Forest
  • You have become master of the Chest of Rage. You should tell the king of this development.


Retrieve a secret weaponEdit

Head to the Verlon Forest - it follows the path directly south of King Mark's castle.

Turn west at the tavern of the lake, then turn south. Enter the Magic Academy and speak with Master Trigius. He will describe Pandora's Box, also known as the Chest of Rage. In the discussion, you will receive the chest, but injure yourself.

Swamp Spirit Sleem will speak to you, asking if you're the master of the chest. He states that you have completed the ritual becasue your blood was sprinkled on the stone of anger. When Trigius speaks with you again, he will describe that the chest was created in order to capture and rule over Rage Spirits.

Inform King MarkEdit

On the trip back to the castle, the spirits will perform some chatter among themselves.

Speak with King Mark, and inform him you retrieved the chest, but that you cannot give it to him. After explaining the details, he accepts the result.

You will receive 3000 gold after completing this quest.