Carl and Martha
Vital statistics
Start Carl Leonar
End Carl Leonar
Prerequisites The King's Brother
Location Marshan Swamp
Rewards 7200 gold, 100 experience
Previous Next
The King's Brother None

Carl Leonar wants to marry Martha di Gonda because of a scientific treatise she wrote.


  • Deliver Carl's love letter to Martha di Gonda
  • Find Old Chvakha and ask her for the "rejuvenation Potion"
  • Gather 5 red lillies for Old Chakha.
  • Bring the lillies to Chvakha.


  • Martha di Gonda is located at her house in Northern Marshan Swamp.
  • Martha asks for the rejuvination portion.
  • The Old Chvakha asks for five water lillies. They are found generally to the north and east.