Escaped Bear
Vital statistics
Start Stephan Hall
End Stephan Hall
Prerequisites None
Location Greenwort
Rewards 1150 gold, 30 experience
Previous Next
None Breeding Evil Beholders

Safely return Stephan Hall's escaped polar bear. Stephan Hall gives you the item Bearka to help you lure the bear back.


  • Find the bear
  • Use the Bearka herb
  • Guide the bear back to the menagerie.

Find the bearEdit

The bear will be close to Menagerie of Stephan Hall, and can usually be found slightly Eastward of the menagerie along the trail the begins just to the North of it. There will be various weak enemies along the path.

When you reach the bear, the bearka herb will automatically pacify it. The bear will simply follow you, at a medium distance. It may lose track of you if you move too quickly, thus you will have to backtrack if it loses track of you.

You can optionally use the bearka herb for some rage.

When you return the bear, speak with Stephan Hall for the reward.