Fishing Limits
Vital statistics
Start Fisherman Kitano
End Fisherman Kitano
Prerequisites None
Location Greenwort
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None None

Fisherman Kitano would like to be able to fish Devilfish which are protected by an edict from King Mark, but are multiplying so quickly that they're becoming a hazard to the fishermen.


  • Talk to the king about the fishing laws. You need to ask His Majesty to repeal the limits on fishing.
  • Convey the royal edict to the fisherman. The king has agreed to allow the fishermen to fill their nets. You should bring this happy news to Kitano.

Ask King Mark to repeal the limits on fishingEdit

Speak to King Mark in Castle Kronberg. Once he has heard about the fishermens' concerns he will lift the edict about fishing Devilfish. Return to Kitano for your reward.