Lost Town Chronicles
Vital statistics
Start Elerio Shivarius
End Elerio Shivarius
Prerequisites None
Location Marshan Swamp
Rewards 3000 gold, 110 experience
Previous Next
None unknown

Shivarius would like you to retrieve the book Chronicles of the Lost Town. The witch Chvakha, in Marshan Swamp, is the person most likely to have these.


  • Find the witch Chvakha and ask her for the chronicles
  • Recover the chronicles from the crypt, which is near the deserted prison. The crypt is enchanted by the witch's spells, and marked by a skull on its roof.
  • Bring the chronicles to Elerio Shivarius.


The Chronicle's Crypt is found in the south end of Marshan Swamp, recognized by a skull above the crypt. Entering the crypt requires you to say the magic words given by Chvakha (done via script)

Upon entering the crypt, you should encounter:

  • Two groups of skeletons and skeleton arhcers. In each group, there's approximatly 200 skeletons in three troops, and 200 skeleton archers across two units.

The chronicles is found in a simple bag.

Return to the capital, and bring the chronicles for the reward.


  • If you have completed the other quest line with Chvakha, it doesn't seem you can finish this quest (as she is no longer home).