There are many interactive objects on the Adventure Map that, when visited give special bonuses. Using these objects you can get additional resources and also increase character’s parameters. Such objects are marked as “visited” after using, and you can’t use them again, with the exception of rechargeable fountains of Mana and Rage.

Moreover, there are many quest interactive objects, interaction with which is connected with completing of certain quests. It can be various locked doors, some appliances and mechanisms, statues and mystical symbols, ancient pictures etc.

Permanent stat bonuses and itemsEdit

Altar of CombatEdit

Increases hero’s Attack or Defence by 1.

Altar of KnowledgeEdit

Increases Intellect by 1 or Mana by 4.

Ancient AltarEdit

Gives hero Experience.

Training TargetEdit

Increases hero’s Attack by 1.

Training DummyEdit

Increases hero’s Defence by 1.

Magic AbsorberEdit

Increases hero’s Intellect by 1.

Shrine of KnowledgeEdit

Increases Mana by 5.

Shrine of ExperienceEdit

Gives hero Experience.

Shrine of RageEdit

Increases the hero’s Rage by 5.

Fountain of GladnessEdit

Gives hero 3-4 Talent Runes of random type.

Well of WishesEdit

Gives random treasure: Magic Crystal, item, Gold, 2-3 Scrolls with a spell, 2-3 Talent Runes or Experience.


Random treasure, including Gold, Leadership increase, item, scroll, or few Undead creatures ready to join your army. The more expensive the sarcophagus looks, the more valuable is the treasure inside.


Plundering graves can reveal Gold or Undead creatures wishing to join your army.


Among decomposed remains you can find some Gold, a scroll with a spell, Magic Crystal, random item or several skeletons for your army.


Hiding in a tree stump, caches can keep Gold, items, Scrolls with spells and Magic Crystals.

Temporary bonusesEdit

Fountain of Mana and Fountain of RageEdit

Restores Mana or Rage up to maximum. Fountains recharge and can be used again, approximately after 7-10 combats.