Speaking Stone
Vital statistics
Start Strange stone
End Strange stone
Prerequisites None
Location Greenwort
Rewards 30 experience, +1 Intellect
Previous Next
None None

The Strange stone asserts that it has become sentient as the result of being partially enchanted by a student of the Magic School, who didn't finish the enchantment.


  • Find out how you might help the speaking stone
  • Recite the spell to finish the enchantment

Find out how to help the speaking stoneEdit

Speak to Elerio Shivarius at the Magic School and mention the "strange speaking stone in the forest."

Recite the spell to finish the enchantmentEdit

Shivarius will tell you the rest of the spell that is needed to complete the enchantment. The phrase "Ut umus lemo canis" completes the enchantment, transforming the stone into an Altar of Knowledge. Activate the altar for a permanent +1 to your character's intellect.