The Invasion of the Thorns
Vital statistics
Start Elder Evtid
End Elder Evtid
Prerequisites None
Location Southwest of the Lake in Western Greenwort
Rewards 800 gold, 55 experience
Previous Next
None Troubles in the Mill

This quest may be completed in one of two ways, a "good" way and an "evil" way. The "good' way costs 500 gold more than the "evil" way, and requires you to travel between the lake and the village several times. There are no other consequences to this choice aside from the gold spent or saved.


Find the Royal ThornEdit

The Royal Thorn is just Southeast of the large lake in Western Greenwort, and is actually a neutral hero named Giant Thorn.

When you speak to it you will have two choices, either kill it or speak to the villagers on its behalf. If you kill it, you can return to Elder Evtid for your reward. If you choose to spare it, speak to him about finding "tasty soil" for the thorns.

The "Evil" wayEdit

Kill the Royal ThornEdit

TODO: Detail the army it fields.

The "Good" wayEdit

Tell Etvid about the "tasty soil" which the Royal Thorn seeksEdit

He asks you to buy a cow which will fertilize the soil for the Royal Thorn.

Buy a cow from Milk-woman WilmaEdit

After relaying the Royal Thorn's request to Etvid, speak to Wilma to buy a cow for 500 gold.

Present the cow to the Royal ThornEdit

It will complement you on your ingenuity.

Return to Etvid for your rewardEdit

Your reward is the same no matter which path you chose.