The Mystery of Lyaro Island
Vital statistics
Start King Mark
End King Mark
Prerequisites A Secret Weapon
Location Lyaro Island
Rewards 77 experience, 2100 gold
Title of Baron (+500 leadership)
Unlimited recruitment of Bowmen and Swordsmen from King Mark.
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A Secret Weapon The Mystery of Lyaro Island

After the previous quest, King mark will tell you about Lyaro Island - it appeared not long ago after a terrible storm.

You receive 3000 at the start of the quest to rebuild your army.


  • Board the dirgible and fly to Lyaro Island


Speak with the Dwarf outside the castle, and ask to head to Lyaro Island.

This is a boss battle against a Giant turtle. During this fight, you cannot target the enemy turtle with mind spells or use spirits of rage.

The turtle can do the following:

  • Cast Slow against all targets.
  • Perform an area attack against all targets, doing ~42-75 damage.
  • Attack with a limb for ~63-97 damage, pushing the target 1 square.
  • Attack with a bite for ~100 damage.

The turtle can counterattack multiple times in a round, with the following responses:

  • If the unit is directly in front of the head, it will counterattack with the bite.
  • If the unit is in front of the leg, it will counter with the leg.
  • If the unit is flanking the turtle, it can counter attack by smashing the ground to damage all units.

After defeating the turtle, Karrakh will explain that he wants the whole world to belong to him. He found a great secret, a smoke stinking herb, a old dance spell. He found a turtle egg, and uses that as his means of conquest. He teleports away.

Speak with the turtle. He will explain what happened, that the shaman stole the crystal of peace and used it to control him. Geya will need a drop of your blood, when you encounter Karrakh later.


  • The only option is to form the alliance with Geya. As such, you King Mark will complain about you setting up the alliance with the creature.