Troubles in the Mill
Vital statistics
Start Elder Evtid
End Elder Evtid
Prerequisites The Invasion of the Thorns
Location N/A
Rewards 1800 gold, 91 experience, and [optionally] +1 Intellect
Previous Next
The Invasion of the Thorns None

Darion Village's miller has locked himself inside his mill and refuses to work.


  • Talk to the miller, Bob Backer
  • Talk to Shivarius in the Magic School about releasing the miller from the spell
  • Talk to Rotten Hake who bought the ring from the miller
  • Bring the ring to Shivarius
  • Suppress the keepers of the ring
  • Free the miller from the curse
  • Report to Evtid when the task is done for your reward.

Talk to the millerEdit

Enter the Windmill in Darion Village and speak to Bob Backer.

Talk to Shivarius at the School of MagicEdit

Shivarius will say that a cursed item is at fault, and tell you to ask the miller about it.

Talk to Rotten Hake who bought the ring from the millerEdit

See also: Hake's Consort

Travel to the Robbers' Den in Northwestern Greenwort and speak to Rotten Hake, who lives there. Once you've spoken with him, if you choose the non-violent route, you'll have the option to speak to his girlfriend, Rina, who is also cursed by the ring. If you are friendly and ask if she'll share the ring with you, you can get the ring without any further incident.

It may also be possible to battle Hake for the ring or intimidate Rina into giving it to you.

Either way you'll need to leave with the Cursed Ring in your possession.

Bring the ring to ShivariusEdit

He won't examine it until you suppress the keepers of the ring.

Suppress the keepers of the ringEdit

Find the Cursed Ring in your inventory and suppress it. This will teleport you to a battle arena to battle the keepers of the ring. Destroy the gremlins in the towers first, then kill the remaining armies. Once this is finished, talk to Shivarius again. He'll give you the phrase to free the Bob Backer and Rina from the curse "Sobius rat kaberian torus!"

Free the miller from the curseEdit

Go to the Windmill and use the phrase "Sobius rat kaberian torus!" to break the curse. Pronouncing the phrase correctly on the first try rewards you with an additional +1 Intellect, permanently.

Optionally, you can travel back to the Robbers' Den and free Rina from the curse also. This will give you the option to make her your wife, as she's ready to leave Rotten Hake.

Report to EvtidEdit

If you completed the chain by dispelling the curse you will receive the full reward, and the +1 Intellect for dispelling the curse properly.